Professional payroll services for small business.

Very easy to use • No contracts • Cancel anytime • EFTPS • No hidden charges


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my sensitive information safe?

Dial-A-Check is managed by CPAs. We are proud of our reputation and we have established a sophisticated system to protect our data. Our payroll specialists are well aware of the confidentiality and sensitivity of your payroll data and we constantly work at making sure of its integrity.

Can my employees use a timecard or fingerprint to log their hours?

Yes, to learn more about electronic timekeeping, click here.

Do you provide payroll reports to keep track of my spending?

Yes, we have several reports for payroll, employee and by company that would be useful.

How much do you charge per month?

It varies depending on the type of payroll, amount of employees and delivery options. We can give you an estimate if you call. Should you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

How do I get the employees hours to Dial-A-Check?

There are several ways : by fax, e-mail, and phone. Also through Swipeclock (lease of a timeclock)

Do I need internet access to connect to Dial-A-Check?


Do you offer discounts if I have more than one business?

No. Our prices are very competitive.

Can I use Dial-A-Check even if I only have 3 employees?

Yes, you can.

Do you use the TimeClock 330/380?


Does Dial-A-Check take care of the electronic timekeeping device installation?

Yes. Dial-A-Check can walk you through the steps or we can go to your facility and do it for you. Every time there is a problem we will help with the troubleshooting.

Do you use the TimeClock 330/380?

• Payroll delivery service options: Fedex, Rio Express, Runner, and through email.
• Direct Deposit (3-day window, 5-day window company Intercept)
• EFTPS - Quarterlies and W-2 at the end of the year.

Try Dial-A-Check now and enjoy the benefits!

Dial-A-Check can offer payroll processing at a cost less than most other payroll service companies. Laser printed checks are provided at no extra charge, and are signature-ready for quarterly and annual reports. Timely W-2 statements are prepared in January. Charges are based on the number of checks in the payroll, plus a low base charge per payroll period. With Dial-A-Check there are no hidden charges.

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